The short version:  I’m a Puerto Rican who loves to write!

I was born in Ponce , Puerto Rico and started to write when I was in fifth grade.  While fine practice for my overactive imagination, I am thankful self-publishing was not available back then! I am so thankful that my writing was able to improve through constant practice and revision.

While my first “novel” was competed in fifth grade, I did not start consistently writing until I was in tenth grade.  I attempted to write teleplays for a sequel to the series Charmed, my first attempt at writing about magic! After that, I tried my hand at writing Harry Potter fan fiction.  It was then, with my fans writing to me every so often, the first time I shared my writing outside my intimate circle of friends and family, that I began to feel like an author.

In 2009, I said to myself: “I am going to create my own characters to go with these plots! And so, the first draft of Life Force was born.  The most difficult, but most rewarding writing project to date, Life Force was in its third draft before it was discovered by the incomparable Mr. Steve Eisner.  To this day, I still remember his first words to me: “No pressure, but you’re here so I can see your work.” Yeah right, ha! I’m still feeling that non-pressure, Steve!

A year and some time later,  and this beloved writing project has been picked up for publication by Green Writers Press. My first novel is slated to be out in March 2018.  But this is not the end of the journey my friends! I hope that this is the first of many.  In fact Life Force’s sequel, Inmortality’s Peril, is already on the works.

Thank you to the wonderful Dede Cummings for taking a chance on me, and to all the visitors of this page for following me on my journey.


My writing is accompanied by my part time job as a nursing home care partner in Greenville, PA, my home since 2004, when I moved to pursue my college degree.  Thirteen years and two bachelors and two masters later, I am still an avid student and a learner.  After pursuing  a Masters in Public Health in Health Policy and Management (set to graduate in December 2017!), my dream is to pursue a law degree and focus in healthcare law,  And of course, continue my writing as well.


I hope you continue to accompany in this journey!