And so it begins…

Hello dear readers and thank you for being here!

I suppose the question of how I became a writer is a great place to begin…

I already told you how I got on the publishing journey, but not why I began in the first place.

I suppose as a child I had an overactive imagination.  Though I did well in school, I seemed to be always focused on the future-I never really felt like I “fit in” anywhere.

It did not help that I was an introvert from a very young age.  While my pre-school classmates ran and played hide-and-seek, I sat down by myself (by choice) and used to daydream.  Yes, I took part in a little play, but I mostly cherished my alone time.  I did not seem to understand that this was not what other kids normally did.  My teacher asked me why I sat alone, and while I do not remember what I told her (I was four, people!), I’m sure it was along the lines of “I like it, or I don’t mind.”

I played mostly with my twin sister.  Yes, I am a twin.  My sister is the older one (by a minute), and so I always had a playmate.  I guess that’s why I felt I didn’t need other ones.  I did have friends-just mostly kept to myself.

This went on throughout school.  My twin sister and I remained close, though each of us developed our circle of friends.  I had close friends, but was never a social butterfly.  And as I grew up, that feeling of really “not belonging anywhere” kept growing.

Though I was good academically, I never excelled in anything else, either athletic (sports and dancing were not meant for someone with my lack of coordination) or artistic (I never had any patient for painting or crafts).  I liked theater in high school, but the real high school drama did not happen on the stage, and suddenly, I was an emotional teenager who had no place in drama club.

I thought my big break would come when I started looking at colleges.  I wanted to start fresh, let go of my teenage awkwardness, meet new people.  But  didn’t want to stay in my hometown, not even on the island I grew up in.  Truth be told, I wanted to go somewhere in the western United States.  By this time, I wanted to study education, but wanted a chance to explore the writing world.  I knew I loved writing, but had not come up with characters of my own yet.  And I knew my parents would never accept writing as a major.  They were having a hard time with me leaving for college away from my country!  So they made a bargain: you go with your sister, or neither of you go anywhere.

Since we had been trying to compromise for a while, the only thing I heard was…”you can go if…”.  That meant I could go!  The details were not important at the moment.  I would finally find a place to belong.


Stay tuned for the continuation of my college journey!